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Yoga Classes

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Has the practice of yoga seemed elusive to you because of negative self-talk, false beliefs or preconceived notions of physical limitation?

Gentner Wellness CenterJoin us in exploring how it feels to be on a yoga mat, as you are gently guided through basic yoga poses and breathing techniques. With four workshop opportunities to reconnect with the wisdom of your mind, body, and breath. While not the same as a traditional yoga studio, the new Gentner Wellness Center is incorporating many additional supportive healing modalities and offering these introductory workshops throughout June and July.

Yoga Basics

Wednesday, June 6, 2018-6:30pm-8: 30 pm
There are many paths to follow on an inward journey. This workshop will introduce the fundamentals of basic yoga postures, breathing, alignment, and centering one’s self. In this intimate, safe environment you will be able to ask questions and learn what your body is capable of. And most important, as awareness is awakened inside you, a renewed sense of balance and harmony will follow.

Yoga for Hip & Lower Back

Wednesday, June 20, 2018- 6:30pm-8:30pm
Unlocking our hips is the key to the health safety of so many areas of our body. From the hips themselves to the spine, SI joint, knees, ankles and even the shoulders. With supportive props ease into areas of the hip, making space in the lower back that will have you walking out like a relaxed noodle! These few deep poses are held longer & release primarily our stiff connective tissue.

Releasing Neck & Shoulders

Wednesday, July 11, 2018-6:30pm-8: 30 pm
Do you have tightness in the upper body, neck, and shoulders? Explore yoga postures to relieve tension, discomfort, and stiffness. With the goal to ease the pain, learn to identify which poses work for your body to help regain strength and mobility. These gentle but effective movements can help to find space in the shoulder blades, relax the neck, open the chest, strengthen rotator cuffs and help with a range of motion. Contraindications will be discussed.


Wednesday, July 25, 2018-6:30pm-8: 30 pm
Ahhhhhh, practicing yoga while doing nothing in a room full of calm energy and powerful breathing. Join us for a much-needed break from the constant movement of everyday life. A few poses are all you need to slow your thoughts and focus on mindfulness, gratitude, and everything that provides you with new energy. Helping to turn us inwards, detox the mind and the nervous system are specific yoga poses held for an extended period of time with the use of props to support, cushion and cradle the body. This workshop offers you a chance to ask yourself the question – what needs to be restored?