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Nutrition Overview

Functional wellness is an approach to whole body health through recognizing that the underlying cause of disease is affected by all aspects of lifestyle. Through this whole-body system approach, we use innovative as well as many traditional assessments to personalize treatment plans for our patients.

  • Nutritional Evaluation – A nutritional evaluation includes a full health, diet, and medical history analysis.
    • During an evaluation, we may use the following methods to determine the root cause of your health concerns
      • Physical Examination
      • Food allergy testing
      • Heart sound recorder
      • Blood or saliva testing
      • Hair analysis
    • Nutritional Goals – Our goal with nutritional care is to strengthen the whole person with special attention to the following aspects:
      • Eliminating food sensitivities – we recognize that sensitivities and allergies to foods can burden the body.
      • Change in diet – we aim to reduce inflammation and aid digestion to reduce stress in the gut and its microbiome.
      • Create a balance – understanding what each individual’s body needs to balance the endocrine system based on lifestyle modification and the addition of nutrients that the endocrine system needs.
      • Emphasizing heart health – through monitoring of the hearts sounds, diet, exercise and nutrient intake.
    • Whole Food Supplements
      • We offer whole food, herbal, and biotic supplements from the following suppliers:
        • Standard Process
        • MediHerb
        • Ortho Molecular
        • Biotics Research
        • Premier Research
      • Purification and Detoxification
        • 21 Day Cleanse – strict diet modification to increase plant fiber and protein intake and cleanse the digestive system
        • 10 Day Cleanse – to regulate blood sugar levels, strict decrease in carbohydrate and sugar consumption